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Black Sky

As they Fall

The poet imagines how age pushes the old to the brink of a precipice, leading to an unknown world. Nothing remains of their life except shadowy memories, that should be cherished and stored.

Star studded silky ink
Nightfall is near
Final calls of nature
Shadows appear

Unfocused dark fear
Projected on the wall
Holds the attention
For the old as they fall

Off to another world
That no one can dream
Boredom so lonely
Too tired to scream

Life outside is lost
Strangers question mood
Hallways are quiet
Time measured with food

Framed sky blue glass
Daybreak is here
Bells chime promises
Hide wrinkled tear

Remember a life
That no longer exist
Keep memories safe
They might be missed

Strength for a moment
Each step seems small
Years have no meaning
For the old as they fall

As they Fall: Welcome

Renae Clinton writes poems based on her own experiences and thought provoking observations of life; she enjoys expressing emotions through words. She has been published by Yarra Library in Melbourne, Australia.

As they Fall: Text
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