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Image by Dan Dennis

A Bowlegged Paradox

The poet pens a loving verse to his dog, a bowlegged paradox but an indispensable part of the poet’s soul.

chin resting on the edge of the bed

he looks to us, his friends

play with me, be with me

he steals our hearts

the routines of an old man

a daily schedule, script like



one in a million

hungary to california to thailand

tough as nails

frightened only by lightning and lounge music

we protect him

clumsy but agile

ugly but cute

a bowlegged paradox

a part of my soul

A Bowlegged Paradox: Welcome
Reading Glasses on Book

Tony Arnold is affectionately known to some as an accidental world traveler. Being geographically challenged and having no interest in traveling, Tony met a woman who showed him what he was missing. The woman quickly became his wife. Their adventures have spanned the globe.

A Bowlegged Paradox: Text
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