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San Diego Sojourn

San Diego is renowned for its idyllic climate and pristine beaches. Monica Reddy trains her eyes on the rich bounty of Nature and captures and curates images of stunning beauty.

SanDiego 1.jpg

A Palette of Blues


San Diego 2.jpg
sanDiego 3.jpg

Bird's eye view

Broken Outcrop

SanDiego 4.jpg
SanDiego 5.jpg

A Timorous Visitor

Lapping Gently

SanDiego 6.jpg
SanDiego 8.jpg

The Flock

Secret Cavern

SanDiego 9.jpg
SanDiego 10.jpg

Lotus Eaters

Cauldron of colours

Sa Diego 7.jpg
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Monica Reddy is a software Engineer based in San Francisco. She loves to read and paint in her free time. She also happens to be a skilled photographer. 

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