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Iceland poppies are flowering perennial plants, native to the cool or mountainous habitats in Asia and North America, and are naturalised in Europe. Kate Macaulay, a resident of Coventry (UK)grows these beauties at home and captures them in her lenses.

Iceland poppy.JPG

Thorn In the Side

Peach Fragility

Iceland Poppy.JPG
Iceland poppy.JPG

Best Buddies


Iceland poppies.JPG
Iceland poppy.JPG

Seductress in Pink

Heart of Gold

Iceland poppy.JPG
Iceland Poppy.JPG

A Bit of Orange A bit of Gold

Torn asunder

Iceland Poppy.JPG
Iceland poppy.JPG

Caught in the Sunshine

Blown Away

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Kate Macaulay is an educator who lives in Coventry (UK). Her Grandmother, an ardent gardner, inculcated in her a love for flowers. She grows all kinds of seasonal flowers in her garden and clicks them in their various moods.

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