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This Poem is a Fountain

A poem in a new language beckons the poet, and he walks into its crowded streets, its city square gingerly, map in hand, savouring its strangeness in ‘different shades of light.’

I take up a poem
Written in a foreign tongue
And much like searching in the dark
I bump into its
Metaphors and idioms.
slowly I roll the letters in my mouth
Savouring them like expensive wine
Only to lean onto a chair
To settle my nervous heart.
This is a language
I am just learning
Walking into its crowded city
Open on all sides.
This poem is a fountain
In that city square
And I am by its side
A map in hand, in which
The places are marked
In different shades of the night.

This Poem is a Fountain: Welcome
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Sayan Aich Bhowmik is Assistant Professor, Department  of English, Shirakole College. He is the co-editor of Plato's Caves Online, a semi academic space discussing literature, poetry and 
culture and has recently published his debut collection of poems, 'I Will Come With A Lighthouse.'

This Poem is a Fountain: Text
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