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La Carretera Austral: The End

Want to enjoy one of the best road trips in the World? Cycle down the Epic Highway? Join Abbie Stirling as she cycles 1,240 kilometres of the Carretera Austral, and powers through rainforests, lakes, glaciers and a dry desert.

~Abbie Stirling



Care Less

What happens when a district attorney finds that her professional life is in direct conflict with her role as a mother? Will she persevere in balancing the two roles or will one role outweigh the other? A Hamlet-like dilemma.

~Rebecca Miller

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Here's Hope

Contemporary Punjabi Cinema is showing positive signs of growth and change. It has transitioned to a cinema of feeling, a cinema that inspires and offers hope. An analysis of Punjabi cinema with special reference to Jatinder Mauhar’s film ‘Saade Aale’ (Our Own).


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