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Image by Marco Bianchetti

Crosslighted Subjects

The poet creates a montage of cross lighted objects, askew and out of synch as in a parallax.

cross lighted subjects

in a parallax view

the early morning late autumn sun

rakes the road before me

into a chiaroscuro dappled landscape

where pre-dawn treasure hunters

pick through garage sale tables

looking for martyr’s bones

amid the china and the flatware

crows breakfast upon recent roadkills

entrails steaming in the still chilled air

kamikaze squirrels play xtreme road games

trying to avoid my killing wheels.

addicted to driving these waking streets

looking for faces and their shadows

trying to fill the emptiness

with words or sights or sounds

anything to raise me from the depths

of each morning monotony

Hebrew Writings

Joseph A Farina is a retired lawyer in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. An internationaly award winning poet, several of his poems have been published in  Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine,The Chamber Magazine, Ascent, Subterranean  Blue, The Tower Poetry Magazine, Inscribed, The Windsor Review among others. His poetry has featured in anthologies including:  Sweet Lemons: Writings with a Sicilian Accent,  Canadian Italians at Table and Tamaracks: Canadian Poetry for the 21st Century. He has authored two books - The Cancer Chronicles & The Ghosts of Water Street .

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