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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Turn the Page

A montage of images and thoughts about Life, Time and Karma.

Turn the page
and see the story is the same
It doesn’t have to be
No one congratulated
or clapped for me
Sitting in the silence
forgetting that time is
not promised to us
Don’t use it
and you’ll end up useless
That’s karma to us
Farmers; doers
Both planting the seeds
waiting for the day
our dreams will be
granted; received
No more phantoms or weeds
Turn the page and see
the story isn’t finished; believe
Searching for answers? Then, read
You feel imprisoned
Know that every word counts
So be specific
with what comes out your mouth


Fidel M. Love is a poet and writer from the Southside of Chicago, IL. He graduated and earned his BA in English & Communications from East-West University. Creative writing has always been a passion of his and an art of self expression. He's had an interest in rhyming words and putting rhymes

together to tell a story. In 2012, he published his first collection of poetry titled 'Cry Through The Pen'.

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